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Format Artist Title Label Cond Stocked # Price  
12 Split Horizon / Dimentia Split Void+Tactical+Media 2 NEW 12/31/99 7 $6.00[ADD]
four cuts of dense, apocalyptic broken beats and decimated electro from dimentia and split horizon. essential american hard-sound.

Keywords: breakcore hardcore
No Samples

12 Dev/Null Shards of Rhythm Drosstik 11 NEW 09/09/10 7 $6.50[ADD]
Boston beat thrasher and all around rave-tastic dood, DEV/NULL, takes you to school on this three track EP on C64's Drosstik imprint. This one is reminisient of the Violent Turd record, merging shrieking rave stabs and epic hardcore hits with manically sliced up breaks. The quick tempo and diced edits are still there, but this one, dare i say, conforms a bit more to something djs can get a hold of. And I mean that in only a positive way - this one can rip on a dancefloor for sure. The pressing on this one is really great - definitely an essential pick up!

Keywords: breakcore hardcore
No Samples

2CD Prometheus Burning Displacement Disorder Augmented 2 NEW 07/13/10 3 $9.50[ADD]
The latest work from Prometheus Burning is an ambitious double cd / box set release called Displacement Disorder. The first disc is the Proburn album - full with smashing, heavy industrial and noise electro rhythms, sometimes lead by, sometimes textured with tella's hissing, descimated vocals. It's cracking, genre-blending torture dance that touches on harsh industrial, rhymic noise and broken hardcore, with lots of detail and texture. The second disc shows you more of what has been moving the Proburn camp in the past year - the more purely experimental modular synth rig that they perform on (along with Nick Vasculator) as Four Pi Movement. 22 tracks range from driving, doomy power electronics to deliberate, shrieking decimation. This all comes in a handsome package with stickers, postcards, a button and a download credit to grab the 320 mp3s. Essential release!

Keywords: breakcore industrial noise pittsburgh
No Samples

12 Realicide The Choice Is Yours Void 11 NEW 11/18/09 10 $5.50[ADD]
Four Track EP of uncompromising gabber punk from one of the few active proponents of the digital hardcore movement. This collaborative effort is a bit of a departure from the sound Void Tactical has been working recently, but releasing on the more experimental Void imprint we stay true to the hard electronics that have inspired and driven our work for so long. This E.P. contains 4 of Realicide's signature gabberpunk tracks reworked into longer forms to be utilized by the capable DJ.

Keywords: breakcore hardcore punk
No Samples

12 Various Artists Core EP 1 Phantom+Noise 1 NEW 10/13/09 3 $5.50[ADD]
A comp of experimental hardcore and breakcore from 1999. A1 Skelton 93 + aleXdee - Eindringen 5:23 Producer, Written-By - Skelton 93 , aleXdee A2 Inapt - French Kiss 3:24 Producer, Written-By, Recorded By - Inapt A3 Skelton 93 - Against Senseless Names Pt 2 3:36 Producer, Written-By - Skelton 93 B1 aleXdee - Suicide Pt. 666 6:10 Producer, Written-By, Recorded By - aleXdee B2 Worlds Ab-art + Skelton 93 - Something Special Pt. 1 6:13 Other [Obviously Done By] - Skelton 93 , Worlds Ab-art

Keywords: breakcore hardcore
No Samples

CD Belladonnakillz Sorry Try Again Drosstik 9 NEW 09/11/09 1 $5.00[ADD]
They're back. The demise of Sublight had left Belladonnakillz without a label, but this band have gone back to their first love with the Toronto Dross:Tik, and aim at "trying again", it seems. A lot less hardcore than before, with more guitars and more 8bit sounds, but, most of all, still armed with their dorky mix of pop ballads and internet 1337 speak, Belladonnakillz are still an unidentified audio object. Love them or hate them, but this combination of naivity and provocation has its charm, and their tunes often prove really addictive. You'll sing that under the shower this summer. 1 $ (3:01) 2 Beautiful (3:29) 3 4u (3:19) 4 B In Luv (3:50) 5 Natural High (4:04) 6 A Ok (3:54) 7 Questionz Answerz (3:28) 8 In Your Eyez (3:15) 9 2gether Divided (5:02) 10 My Dream (3:47)

Keywords: 8bit electro hardcore
No Samples

2LP Davros vs Unibomber The Final Amiga Battle Noizetek 8 NEW 05/03/09 3 $10.00[ADD]
Davros (aka Abelcain) returns to Noizetek, this time in direct battle with the mighty Unibomber! The inspiration for this release came from their "Final Amiga Battle" live set which was performed at the now legendary Schizophrenia show in the U.S.A. Creating the entire record using only the Commodore Amiga home computer, Davros and Unibomber showcase their own viscous blend of industrial hardcore and splintered broken beats with that unmistakable 8-bit crunch! Davros takes over the first vinyl with his Doctor Who inspired harsh beat trickery. Opting for the full on gabba approach, you know you are going to be in for one hell of a treat. No let up from start to finish, this record will destroy sound-systems the world over! Unibomber does the honours for the second slab in this double whammy with his first official material in ten years!! Pure, unadulterated, mid-west hardcore - Unibomber shows why he is such a hero in his native U.S.A and lays down some of the most brutal tracks he has produced thus far. Limited to only 500 copies worldwide, you better act fast, or face extermination!!!! 2x12" on red vinyl!!!

Keywords: breakcore hardcore speedcore
No Samples

12 DJ Floorclearer Malicious Noizetek 6 NEW 05/03/09 2 $5.00[ADD]
Four tracks of devestating roughneck Breakcore/Gabba/Dubstep madness by DJ Floorclearer. Check out the "Lights Out" remix for a heavy Dubstep track. This is a bit of a teaser before the full length album drops!!! Long are the days of brainless mash-up as part of the Wrong Music crew for DJ Floorclearer, who keeps on getting darker and darker with each reelase. Pretty much like his Wrong colleague Ebola, Floorclearer has jumped the gun and presents here an EP consisting pretty much of two hard and fast breakcore tunes and two very heavy, equally dark and massive dubstep ones. The production value has also improved, and this sounds a lot quite a coming an age from DJ Floorclearer.

Keywords: breakcore dubstep hardcore
No Samples

12 Andy Skopes & The Sith Drop The Truth / Murderous Rage Soothsayer 11 NEW 04/06/09 2 $7.50[ADD]
Two drum workout rinsers - massive, heavy drum and bass.

Keywords: darkstep jungle
No Samples

12 Various Artists Feed The Machine Feed+The+Machine 1 NEW 03/07/09 6 $6.50[ADD]
Amazing four tracker of hard, atmospheric and broken beats. Essential! Tracklisting: A1 Somatic Responses Surface Raid A2 Prometheus Burning Deluge B1 Minion Diminution B2 ValaV Nextend

Keywords: abstract breakcore electro hardcore
No Samples

7 J-Stat Galactic Assdragon Series 3 No+Room+For+Talent 703 NEW 03/06/09 2 $3.50[ADD]
Amazing fusion of hardcore dubstep and techno from Detroit's J-Stat. Twisted Diaphragn / Crocodile.

Keywords: breakcore dubstep hardcore techno
No Samples

12 Jason Forest / Captain Ahab Foot Village Ravesploitation 4 NEW 02/22/09 5 $7.50[ADD]
Jason does a baile funk remix of Foot Village. Captain Ahab does an electro mash-up of Foot Village and HEALTH

Keywords: baile funk electro mashup
No Samples

12 Copy / Captain Ahab Split Ravesploitation 2 NEW 02/22/09 4 $7.50[ADD]
both acts deliver club traxxx with a variety of hiphop and diva vocals

Keywords: electro hiphop mashup rave
No Samples

CD Glowstyx Class of 1992 Cock+Rock+Disco CD13 NEW 02/10/09 1 $6.50[ADD]
Excellent debut by this new side project of Bong-Ra. Jason K�hnen goes back to the 90's and presents here a condensate of everything breakbeats and rave that was good back then, updated to a more modern sound. A mix of old-school rave, neo-rave energy, a bit more breaks and extremely catchy sounds, here is an album that The Prodigy wish they had written. Very well produced, absolutely killer on the dancefloor, and deserving to crown all the attempts at the current neo-rave trend from breaks producers. A great one.

Keywords: hardcore mashup rave
No Samples

12 MathHead Stab City AdNoiseam 98 NEW 02/10/09 7 $7.50[ADD]
With "Stab City", Math Head finally presents on wax a new testimony of his insolent skills at creating ever changing, massive dubstep. Never loosing the dancefloor from its sight, but including a lot of innovative elements to this genre and not afraid of mixing the club appeal with wider sensibilities, he comes up here again with a highly impressive record that does justice to his extensive talent. Here comes highly efficient, fresh and hard dubstep record you have been waiting for.

Keywords: bass dubstep
No Samples

12 Sickboy Time To Play Vol. 1 Adnoiseam 107 NEW 02/10/09 5 $7.50[ADD]
The first volume of two, this record is the vinyl pendant to Sickboy's Time to Play CD, recently releaseed on Ad Noiseam. Sickboy's exhilarating, enthusiastic and insane-as-ever new material features this musician's most infectious, catchiest and most efficient tracks. Sickboy's new clothes are of the colourful party kind. Mixing old school rave, new school electro, breaks and madness, Sickboy hits the nail on its head and invites everybody to play, rave and party non-stop. Refreshing!

Keywords: breakcore hardcore mashup
No Samples

2LP Teknoist Like A Hurricane Made of Zombies AdNoiseam 103 NEW 02/10/09 6 $19.00[ADD]
Hard, relentless, creative, monstrous, and still friendly: The Teknoist's first full length album is a storm of shattered pounding beats, anthemic riffs, and aggressive breaks. And still, it is also a humane and deep work that knows when to take the time to seduce its listener. Between the most insane moshpit and inventive melodies, here comes hurricane of yet uncharted magnitude.

Keywords: breakcore hardcore jungle
No Samples

12 Cakebuilder Feeding The Worms Adnoiseam 95 NEW 02/10/09 3 $9.50[ADD]
From its symphonic opening to its sweeping heavy basses, Cakebuilder's second record for Ad Noiseam shows that things are still deep in Winnipeg. Bridging angry, dark dubstep and a highly melodic drive, Cakebuilder opens a new gate for the genre, where "dub" is replaced by something a lot colder and orchestral. Cinematic dubstep of the blackest shade.

Keywords: breakcore dubstep
No Samples

12 Broken Note Crux / Zealot Adnoiseam 102 NEW 02/10/09 7 $9.50[ADD]
Broken Note puts the grist back in dubstep for their first record on Ad Noiseam, and demonstrate how heavy, dark and efficient this genre can be. Shattered, colossal and bridging dubstep and breakcore, the two tracks on this 12" are guaranteed to pack dancefloors and ruin a few subwoofers.

Keywords: dubstep
No Samples

12 Funckarma Dubstoned Vol. 2 Adnoiseam 99 NEW 02/10/09 3 $9.50[ADD]
More than just dubstep: Funckarma make this genre theirs and re-write its foundation anew with this barrier-breaking record. Heavy but sharp, clear but dub-influenced, mid-tempo but infectious, the second volume of Funckarma's take on the dubstep genre is a new take at one of today's dominant genre by unequalled producers.

Keywords: abstract dubstep idm
No Samples