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8Cylinder – Pour the Poison Out and Let Them Play Until the End – Unmapped North 2 x 12″ [hard sound / modular noise]

This is the latest release on Pittsburgh based 8Cylinder’s somewhat under the radar UNMAPPED NORTH label.   While he’s putting out critical releases from other artists on THAC0, U.N. is focused on his own music with limited vinyl runs.  So far everything has been 10″ with custom silk-screened art.  This release is the longest in run time, and shows the furthest evolution of what 8Cylinder has become.   Long gone are the gameboy rigs, replaced with modular synths, hardware sequencer and custom boxes.   The sounds are sludgey, detuned and pitched down numbers that gurgle and slog like dying monstrosities.   Shredded, slow broken beats fall with a dissonance that has the appeal of industrial hiphop, or the further reaches of Autechre’s more recent output.  There are flashes of hard sound, but this is mostly without a genre and not for the dancefloor.  It’s heads music, a viral strain more than a few mutations removed from something you know.

“The third release from Unmapped North featuring electronic music and noise from Pittsburgh’s 8cylinder is a double 10″ record pressing and digital release. The first 10″ consists of 6 original tracks while the second 10″ contains 2 single-take recordings.”





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