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Bit Mummy – Artifacts II – Scolex CD [Chiptune / Punk / Rap]

Bit Mummy is Garth (vocals, programming, guitar) and Drew (bass, backing). They’ve been doing this project in and around Pittsburgh for some years now, but they sort of fly under the radar and don’t play all that often. When they do play, they are one of my favorite acts to see in town. The songs are catchy, well composed and uptempo fusions of chip tune, gabber, blown-out punk, metal and rap. It’s a stew of things that makes alot of sense if you were a certain kind of kid in the 90s, but there really are very few bands bringing all these things together and doing it well. You’d think they reference digital hardcore more, but it’s less ATR and more it’s own thrashy form of industrial-punk that happens to use distorted drum sound and SID-chip video game melodies. Garth, the lead really sells it with his performance which is at times drugged out, masochistic and frantic. He passed me this pre-release CDR at a house show recently. A sequel to the previous Artifacts collection, it compiles a bunch of tracks, some of which they’ve been playing for a while, others fairly new, plus a couple of covers (Rudimentary Peni and GG Allin – a clear window into their influences). Songs bounce from blast beats into happy melodies, to fuzzed out vocals over a heavy bassline, then a dangerous boss level synth, and a rap breakdown. More than anything…it’s all very fun. Recommend grabbing this when it comes out on Scolex sometime next year.




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