This site is the companion online shop to WRECKED DISTRO, which operates out of Pittsburgh, PA, and is run by Geoff Maddock (aka Cutups).

WRECKED is here as a resource to connect people with the fringes of electronic and experimental music and media.   It grew out of my excitement for the late-90s experimental hardcore electronic scene, midwest hardcore / breakcore and expanded into being about all sorts of left-of-center electronic music.

WRECKED stocks vinyl, tapes, CDs, DVDs and related items, promotes new artists, music and throws events that spotlight them.

if you’re looking for anything that i might carry, or are an artist or label who you think i should stock, drop me a line at

what we stock

historically we’ve cultivated an extensive selection of breakcore, speedcore, hardcore, experimental, idm, noise, industrial, dubstep, dub electronics, ambient, robodisco, futurist electro, indie hiphop,  post rock, extreme metal, found-sound/collage, spoken word, weird recordings of any kind.   we carry vinyl, cd, tapes and interesting media – zines, comics, books and dvds.

electronic music has simultaneously collapsed and exploded.   we want to continue to represent an undeserved finge.

distributors: forced exposure, antzen, adnoiseam, praxis, soundclash
labels: accelmuhzik, addict, advanced idea mechanics, atomiq, antzen, bad taste, broklyn beats, bunker, bpitchctrl, component, conceptual chaos, creme, crippled ninja, deadly systems, delikatessen, distort, dub, dyslexic response, eastern developments, ersatz audio, eupholus, fear, history of the future, hymen, isolate, lowres, mirex, nexialist, no room for talent, planet-mu, praxis, rewind, schematic, sonic terror, terminal dusk, tigerbeat6, top score, zhark, zod and more…


you can find the old site at